Mentoring and Counselling

Based in Southsea, serving Portsmouth, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Helping you to see a clearer future

Are you trying to find out who you are?

Feeling lost?

Struggling with day to day life especially after lockdown?

Looking for direction?

Michelle ELLIOTT BSc (Hons)

Feeling Free.....

Wouldn't it be nice to have no stresses and anxiety , at home , in the workplace and in relationships?

Everyone else seems like they have it all together...

The truth is that under the surface, most... if not all, suffer the same day to day stresses as we all do.

Feeling lost & lacking purpose is a natural feeling, however it can create negative thoughts that can lead to depression.

Internal Motivation & Mindset Enhancement

Lack of motivation, loss of direction and overcoming mental barriers.

Three key steps to self improvement are as follows:

1. Setting achievable goals

2. Ask yourself what's holding you back?

3. Make a change


One of my key services includes the mentoring of young people across our community. I ensure to work closely with families to provide a vital support and mentoring service to young people whom feel that they need a little support or guidance. This service provides A Safe Place for you or your child/colleague/friend or family member within a secure and trusting environment.

Specialising in mentoring teenagers and young people who may be suffering in silence, feeling under pressure and feeling as if they are lacking the necessary direction to positively progress their lives.

May we become your guiding light.

Covid Secure Counselling

In person, or via video/phone consultations are available, In A Safe Place; you can feel comfortable & secure discussing your story.

It was either you Michelle or the Samaritans.... thankyou


I have seen your words and often wanted to reach out …thankyou Michelle


You always help me see the best in me ...thankyou Michelle